06 Apr

What age is it typically recommended to get Botox injections?


What age is it typically recommended to get Botox injections? I’m 22 and I’m starting to notice fine lines.. By no way are they very noticeable but I know Botox is preventable. Is it also true that the injections can work as a brow lift? Because I have very slightly hooded eyes and I would love it if these lifted the forehead area up a bit.


Answer: Botox,Dysport or Xeomin are prescription medications recommended for shutterstock_144298723moderate to severe lines due to overactive muscle function in the face. While it is becoming more common to treat younger adults trying to prevent deeper lines from forming,  one should start with treatments in a stepwise fashion rather than jump to more aggressive treatments such as injecting medications.  Customized skin care regimens including proper sun protection, use of retinoids (vitamin A creams) and daily cleansing will give you the foundation to maintain a healthy beautiful complexion.  It also reduces the need for more aggressive and expensive treatments in the future.  While Botox injections may be the number one cosmetic treatment in the world today, maximizing a healthy foundation should be your first priority.

Because muscles in the face can raise or lower your eyebrows  injections of small amounts of these medications can alter the position of your brow to give a more pleasing appearance.  Check with a Plastic Surgeon to see if you are a candidate.

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