09 Dec

Tips to Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, which is often associated with delicious treats and extra pounds. This can lead weight to a frantic attempt to lose weight. However, nobody wants to diet during the holidays, so why not try to maintain your current weight? Here are some tips for weight maintenance during the holiday season.

Fill Up on Protein- Be sure to fill up on low-fat sources of protein, as this helps to maintain weight. Good choices include eggs, white meat, and pastured beef, as well as seeds and nuts.

Read the Labels- Even if a food claims to be “low fat,” it may not be healthy. There is a lot of unhealthy ingredients in foods many people assume to be good for them. Checking the label for unnecessary added ingredients or high amounts of sugar can help to keep the weight off.

Portion Control- Enjoying yourself during the holidays is fine, but you don’t want to catch yourself mindlessly eating. Being aware of your portion sizes in an easy way to still enjoy those holiday treats without overindulging.

Stay Active- Exercising regularly can double the likelihood that you will maintain your current weight when enjoying heavy food.

Set Goals- Setting goals when striving towards maintaining or losing weight makes your two times more likely to achieve your goal. Thinking about the weight you are or want to be is a great way to make it a reality.

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