ThermiBreast in Orlando, FL

Those seeking to improve their breast appearance without visible scars or other side effects may want to consider ThermiBreast™. Using radio frequency energy, Thermi™ treatments can provide the results of surgical procedures without the invasiveness or unwanted side effects. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates is one of the leading providers of ThermiBreast™ treatments, so patients in the Orlando, Lake Mary and throughout Orange County can trust us for their next ThermiRF™ procedure.

What is ThermiBreast™?

ThermiBreast™ is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the revolutionary ThermiRF™ technology, designed to tighten and lift drooping breasts. It does this by delivering controlled energy to the desired areas of the breasts, causing the collagen in the skin to contract. This results in a lift of the breasts that also restores firmness. ThermiBreast™ also encourages additional collagen production, so you can expect results to improve over time.

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How Can I Benefit From ThermiBreast™?

Aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on a woman’s breasts. If you have sagging breasts or loose breast skin, you can likely benefit from a ThermiBreast™ treatment. Since the procedure is minimally invasive and safe, it can often be combined with other procedures to maximize results.

What Can I Expect From ThermiBreast™?

During a single ThermiBreast™ treatment, a local anesthetic is first administered to prevent discomfort. The ThermiBreast™ device is then placed under the skin, delivering radio frequency energy to the breasts. Computer technology is used to ensure safety and efficiency. As a minimally invasive treatment, ThermiBreast™ requires little recovery time, and patients can typically resume normal activities immediately after treatment. In most cases, results can be seen after one treatment, and continue to improve as additional collagen is produced.

Contact Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates today to learn more about ThermiBreast™ or schedule your next treatment. We welcome patients in the Orlando and Lake Mary area, as well as from nearby neighborhoods, who are considering ThermiBreast™ or other ThermiRF™ treatments.