23 Feb

Spider Veins, Rosacea, Dark Spots; Oh My!



According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, 50-55% of women complain about spider veins, or Telangiectasia. It can be caused by high blood pressure, obesity, aging, rosacea, inflammatory conditions, or even simple stress, insomnia, or lack of exercise. Although these veins are usually harmless, they can sometimes be achy or painful.

Rosacea is also a common skin concern that can cause redness, swelling, breakouts, uneven texture, and make your face look painfully irritated. This condition can result in flare-ups and get worse over time.

Dark spots and age spots, on the other hand, can because caused by sunlight, stress, pregnancy, menopause, aging or genetics. Although neither are particularly harmful, you may not be happy with the spots on your face for the world to see.

Aside from the obvious discomfort and insecurities caused by these skin problems, how are all of these related? They can all be treated by IPL Light Therapy.

What does IPL stand for?

Intense Pulsed Light

How does it work?

As opposed to C02 Laser Resurfacing, this type of treatment does not aim to fix the top layers of skin, but rather targets lower layers, as this is where these underlying problems begin. Results are seen almost immediately with a small period of redness. It does, however, require two to six sessions over time. It can smooth your skin and diminish underlying spots.

IPL Light Therapy also removes other skin concerns including:

  • Freckles
  • Age marks
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Dark, unwanted hair

Is IPL Light Therapy right for me? 

It is best to go into your consultation with an open mind. Dr. Johnston, for example, works with his patients for a full examination to determine the best solution for each patient. He will then prescribe the best treatment and administer it properly. Although

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