02 Jun

Skin Treatment with Dermakinetics®


In Orlando cosmetics, Dermakinetics® skin care treatments offer non-invasive skin treatment.  Patients at Orlando Plastic Surgery can experience smoothing, hydrating, and toning shutterstock_141859039without pain or discomfort. Dermakinetics treatments are also combined with other skin treatments for complexion results. What different options are available? Read on for more information:


Anti-aging combines cleansers and creams for wrinkle minimization. A thirty minute treatment is followed by a HydraFacial and LED therapy session to increase circulation to the skin. Skin can be smoothed without invasive surgery or resulting scars.


Discoloration, pigment spots, UV spots, and damage from peels or other products can mar the face. The Dermakinetics brightening treatment reduce the appearance of marks.  In Orlando, patients can purchase 5 brightening treatments, getting a sixth one free, during a year. Patients can experience their new complexion with brightening.

Peptide Pro Mask

The Peptide Pro Mask hydrates the skin and delivers antioxidants.  Signs of age, skin swelling, and photo damage can be relieved with a mask; a mask can be combined with ablative and non-ablative options for more noticeable results.  Dermakinetics is not always suitable for sensitive skin; patients are advised to avoid other products before a session.

Anti-blemish Mask

Oily skin? Patients can consider the Anti-Blemish Mask.  Blemishes, marks, and excess oil are treated. The skin is left clearer with minimalized skin concerns. In Orlando, practitioners provide multiple or single treatments for their patients.

Collagen Mask

As another mask treatment, The Collagen Mask works to tighten skin.  Patients experience smoothness and volume after treatment. Free radicals, associated with aged skin, can also improve after treatment. http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/skin-treatment-with-dermakinetics/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/skin-treatment-with-dermakinetics/Sunburned, damaged, and marked skin can improve with a collagen mask.

Orlando Med Spa treatments offer patients different treatments for different concerns. Patients can come into the office to learn more about Dermakinetics, masks, LED skin treatment, and more!

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