Skin Scanner: Facial Imaging in Orlando, FL

The skin has many different layers, and although we often focus on the topical layers, the lower layers of unseen skin can also be affected. As the top layers naturally flake away, the lower layers can become visible. To see the damage you are unable to notice in the mirror, patients can choose a facial analysis with Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates’ Skin Scanner.

How it Works

During a ten-minute appointment, patients are asked to place their head in the scanning device. The skin machine, using imaging rays, scans the skin for abnormalities. Skin concern like sun damage, pigmentation, collagen loss and other conditions are revealed in the lower layers of skin.

Conditions Detected

Skin scanning is able to detect a variety of skin concerns and problems. With scanning, our practitioners can detect problems before they rise to the surface of the skin. The conditions detected by skin scanning can include the following:

  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Collagen loss
  • Low density regions
  • Oily, or dehydrated skin areas
  • Age spots
  • Closed pores

These conditions can be seen with imaging rays at various levels in the skin. Although they may not appear at the surface, these conditions may create an undesirable appearance, or health concerns, later.

Skin Treatment

After skin problems are detected, each client can receive an individualized recommendation. Depending on what the skin scanner revealed, skin care products, sunscreens, or treatments can be advised. Patients can receive care according to a skin scanner diagnosis. For more information about skin scanning, skin treatment, and other cosmetic procedures read more on our Orlando website or visit the office.