Silagen® in Orlando, FL

Individuals looking for scar treatment without the intimidating surgeries and procedures may want to consider Silagen®. At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates, we are proud to offer Silagen®, the first line of medical-grade scar therapies, to our patients in and around the Orlando and Lake Mary areas.

Traumatic and surgical scars now have one of the best treatment options offered by Silagen®. This comprehensive line of medical-grade silicone scar therapies is available at our office exclusively for Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston’s patients. We do not currently offer these products to the general public.

The Silagen® scar refinement system includes silicone gel and gel sheeting, but we recommend using the silicone gel because it is typically easier to apply and adheres better than the sheeting option. This is especially true for body parts that move, such as around the face, or other visible areas.

Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates in Lake Mary, FL, explains how Silagen® silicone gel, when applied to your injury scar, forms a pliable, thin and invisible barrier preventing excessive transepidermal evaporative water loss. Thick scars and keloids are a result of excessive collagen; Silagen® silicone gel helps to normalize its production.

Best results can be seen when the 100 percent pure silicone gel is used daily for about eight to 12 weeks. Silagen® silicone gel does not contain any irritating ingredients; it is also odor and fragrance free. Physicians prefer this silicone gel, as it offers a silky feel and dries faster than other products on the market.

Silagen® Gel Sheeting For Post Reduction Mammoplasty

A comprehensive physician-exclusive scar refinement system, Silagen® offers gels and sheeting therapies for medical-grade scarring. A wide variety of strips, shapes and sheets ensures that there’s a product to fit every scar and meet the needs of every patient’s concerns

Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates in Lake Mary, FL, prefers using these silicone gel sheetings for his breast reduction patients post surgery. While most surgeries cannot be performed without creating some amount of scarring, Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston wants to minimize these to the best. Other than scar massaging, hypertrophic scars are best benefitted with the use of Silagen® gel sheeting.

These sheets offer constant pressure on the collagen, making it flat and not allowing the scar to widen – leading to minimalized scarring. The flexibility offered by Silagen® with the 12 shapes and sizes is a great help to physicians. Also, due to their durability, these are the best silicone gel sheeting available to physicians and their patients on the market today.

Silagen® Silicone Sheeting For Post Abdominoplasty

Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates in Lake Mary, FL, recommends the use of Silagen® silicone sheeting for post-abdominoplasty scars. Silagen offers this line of medical-grade silicone scar therapy exclusively to physicians.

Silicone remains the gold standard in preventing and treating thick scars due to surgical procedures. The 100 percent medical-grade silicone sheeting is not only widely accepted, but also has evidence-based treatment for post-tummy tuck scars.

Once the incision line from your abdominoplasty has healed in about two to four weeks, it is time to initiate scar management. The ultimate scar can be managed with Silagen® silicone sheeting and needs to be worn for 12 to 18 hours each day for a few months.

Available in 12 sizes and shapes, these pieces of sheeting are durable and can be washed and reused. They are also available in two backing options of beige and clear. The advanced adesion technology with the optimal thickness makes Silagen® the most preferred brand of silicone sheeting.

Silagen® Silicone Gel + SPF 30 For Post Injury Or Surgery

It is important to understand that new scars from a surgery or injury are actually sections of new skin. This means that the new skin is more fragile than the surrounding areas. With the absence of a sunscreen, it is possible that the scar tissue becomes darker than the surrounding skin, also called hyperpigmentation scarring. This is because it takes about one year for the scar tissue to react similar to the surrounding areas.

The Silagen® Silicone Gel + SPF 30 is a great barrier sunscreen and is highly recommended by Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates in Lake Mary, FL, for at least the first year after your surgery. The Silagen® Silicone Gel + SPF 30 is made up of medical-grade silicone gel and zinc oxide – it does not contain any chemical substances.

The silicone gel allows for normal collagen production and the SPF 30 protects the fragile skin from harmful exposure to the sun – together Silagen® Silicone Gel + SPF 30 prevents excessive scarring better than any product with chemical sunscreens ever could. Additionally, Silagen® offers the lowest per gram cost for a product that works wonders on your scars.

Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates offers Silagen® and other treatments solely to our patients in the Orlando and Lake Mary areas, as well as throughout Orange County. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.