09 Mar

Is Sculptra right for you?


I’m considering Sculptra and I have a few questions to help me determine whether it is right for me. I am already thin, shutterstock_130608926and have age-related volume loss in my face, making my face look even thinner. Will Sculptra still give me a natural look?

Sculptra is my preferred filler for thin patients looking to treat volume loss in the face. It gives a smooth, natural look that comes on gradually due to the natural building of collagen by your body. Because the change is gradual over several months, your face will look completely natural. Many instant fillers can give more irregular contours that can more easily be seen because of your thinness, and this can be more distressing than waiting for results.

After how many months does Sculptra stop building collagen?

Sculptra causes the body to produce collagen using your body’s own natural processes. Therefore, it takes one to two months to see results, and this gradual collagen building gives you natural-looking improvement. Although collagen-building may continue after several months, it will not be as visible as it was in the first months.

I also have hollows under my eyes. Can Sculpta or other fillers help?

Each filler has unique properties that make it more suited for different areas of the face. For instance, Sculptra is often used in the temples and cheek areas to correct volume areas, while other fillers are more suited for fine wrinkles of the lips. Fillers can be layered to achieve amazing results; however, it takes an experienced physician to choose the proper filler and place this in the correct level of the skin to achieve the desired result. Overall, my objective is to give your face a harmonious, more youthful appearance. You should always take the time to discuss your desires and goals with your physician and understand the recommendations and likelihood of success.

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