27 Feb

Puckering up with Restylane® Silk

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Pouting, pursing, and smirking – many women love their lips. However, some desire their lips to be a little different. Many Women, ages 22 and up, choose cosmetic options; specifically, women go to their surgeon’s office for a Restylane®Restylane® Silk in Orlando, FL Silk injection.

Restylane® Silk is one product produced by the Restylane family for cosmetic treatments. Restylane products are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance produced by the body that affects skin volume and texture. Where other Restylane products include treating facial folds, creases, and lines, Silk is made specifically for the lips.

What exactly does Restylane® Silk do? With treatment, women can plump a thin lip line. The product is injected into the lips to eliminate wrinkles as well. Lines around the mouth, otherwise known as perioral rhytids, are minimized, allowing patients to notice a tighter texture to their skin. Cosmetic practitioners inject the gel into lip tissue, or near the sides of the mouth, for results.

The treatment allows women to experience a new pucker a few days after their appointment. As with most cosmetic injections, some swelling and redness obscure results for a few days.

Injectables and none invasive treatments are becoming more and more popular with women patients. As one such option, we may see more cosmetic patients turning to Restylane as opposed to other, more surgical options. Plastic surgeons may start scheduling more and more appointments to give clients plumper, more noticeable lips.

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