30 Apr

Plastic Surgery & National Dog Bite Prevention Week


About 4.5 million people suffer from dog bite wounds every year. 20% of those wounds require medical intervention; approximately 27,000 of them require reconstructive surgery. From Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FLMay 17 to the twenty first, surgeons participate in National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston covers emergency departments to assist with wounds. He visits both the Arnold Palmer Hospital and the Orlando Regional Medical Center. For the past 27 years, he has repaired dog wounds – both simple and complex.

“We took care of such a child at age 5,” said Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston about a dog bite victim, “and were reconstructing him ‘till he entered the military at age 19!”

The victim suffered from a facial bite resulting in a wound disfigurement. Dr. Johnson worked with the patient to reconstruct half of his face. The patient was able to experience a fuller, more figured face post-incident and went on with a more symmetrical appearance.

“Dogs are wonderful companions,” said Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston. “By acting responsibly, owners not only reduce dog bit injuries, but also enhance the relationship they have with their dog.”

To prevent injuries, dog owners can take time to socialize their dogs; parents can also teach children how to safely approach the animals. Florida plastic surgeons can repair wounds, re-contour skin, and create a more desirable appearance; or patients can avoid wounds altogether.

If someone does get bit by a dog, there are recommended steps. If bitten by their own dog, the owner should confine the dog, check if its vaccinations are up to date and call the vet to examine its health. When bitten by a strange dog, the victim should address their wound, call the authorities and see their physician. https://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/plastic-surgery-national-dog-bite-prevention-week/ https://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/plastic-surgery-national-dog-bite-prevention-week/ https://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/plastic-surgery-national-dog-bite-prevention-week/It may be beneficial for both victims to update their tetanus vaccinations to prevent further illness.

For more information about dog bite wounds, health information, and other prevention week facts, patients can visit www.avma.org or www.humansociety.org.  Read more about Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston and Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates at www.orlandoplastic surgeryassociates.com.

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