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Why Over the Counter (OTC) is not enough

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Why continue to buy and use over the counter (OTC) skin care products when they rarely live up to their promises?

The Difference between (OTC) Over-The-Counter Skin Care and Pharmaceutical Skin Care:

Over-The-Counter Skin Care

Over-the-counter products are advertised on TV and in magazines by beautiful models that are influential, and it’s easy to feel persuaded. We happen to be fascinated when we catch sight of a photo of a beautiful individual with what appears to be a flawless, radiant complexion. In spite of that we recognize that these images could very well be airbrushed, tinted, and computer-enhanced.

The truth about OTC skin care products is that they’re not formulated in a way that allows for penetration beneath the surface layer of the skin. Products that sit on the surface of the skin have a short-lived effect. In addition, many chemical agents are used as foundations for beauty products, which can be a problematic for sensitive skin. OTC products do not treat the underlying skin condition that results in the obvious signs of aging. OTC products are formulated to be used by anyone and everyone; as such, they contain only minute amounts of the active ingredients that actually treat, repair, and correct skin problems.


Pharmaceutical-Grade Skin Care

Pharmaceutical-Grade Skin Care Products penetrate deeply enough to work beneath the surface of your skin enable you to achieve skin health. These products contain active ingredients or higher concentrations that are not available in OTC products. Additionally, Pharmaceutical-Grade Products are regulated more harshly than over-the-counter creams and lotions. The U.S. FDA must test these products for safety and effectiveness, which some over-the-counter products lack these types of testing.

  • For example, a Tretinoin Cream actually reduces fine wrinkling, discoloration, roughness, and laxity of the skin. It thickens and strengthens the outer layer and coaxes the skin to produce more collagen, which plumps up the face and gives it a younger appearance.

We invite you to bring your skin back to health with a customized skin care regime to treat your unique skin problems. We’re proud to offer our patients a complete line of nationwide top vendors and our own superior products to enhance your personal skin care regimen. Dr. Johnston and experienced esthetician are available to explain the benefits of each of these skin care products at our office during a skin care consultation.

Ready to start your new regime, or still have skin care questions? Schedule a skin care consultation with Dr. Johnston and our esthetician by calling our office at 407-333-2525.


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The face is the most exposed part of the body. Much of what we think of as aging is actually damage from exposure to the harsh rays of the sun. Dr. Dean Johnston’s esthetician offers many non-surgical treatments that eliminate or soften imperfections on the surface of the face. Please come in for a complimentary evaluation.

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