01 Jun

May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month!


In Lake Mary, Florida, the summer months are approaching. More men and women will be spending time outdoors; Summer is here! Mayshutterstock_263113937 marks the beginning of skin cancer awareness month – a time to begin taking steps to avoid excess sun exposure. Although skin procedures can minimize wrinkles, pigment spots, and marks caused by UV light, patients can prevent these problems before they occur. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends some of the following steps:

Apply Sunscreen

Before spending time in the sun, it is important to apply sunscreen. Florida residents should apply lotion with an SPF of thirty or higher for good sun protection. Sunscreen can prevent UV light from penetrating and damaging the skin. In addition to protecting the skin from damage, sunscreen can also moisturize the skin – lotion can minimize the appearance of existing lines and creases.

Avoid Tanning

Some complexions are more susceptible to the sun. Skin may be lighter or burn more easily. If your skin is of a lighter complexion, you should avoid excessive tanning. Too much skin exposure will increase cancer risk and sun damage; you may notice pigment spots, marks, or additional wrinkles.

Cover Up

Wearing more conservative clothing can also decrease skin cancer risks from the sun. The less exposure skin has to sun, the less likely it will experience damage. Patients can choose longer sleeves, capris, or sun hats for skin protection. Shade skin for a healthier glow.

These three steps, in combination, allows patients to lessen their risks of skin cancer. 3.5 million cases of the disease are diagnosed yearly – patients can effectively prevent cases from occurring. http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/may-was-skin-cancer-awareness-month/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/may-was-skin-cancer-awareness-month/For more information about skin cancer, patients can visit www.skincancer.org. It is important to be sun smart! Enjoy, but protect yourself with sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and protect clothing!

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