07 Oct

I would like to start Botox injections of the forehead. Is 22 too young to start Botox?


According to the 2012 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of Botox shutterstock_112459091procedures among 20-somethings rose 8% in 2012 to 92,955 users. Botox is certainly rising in popularity among younger, image-conscious generation.

Botox has been helping patients for more than 30 years, addressing such issues as excessive sweating, migraines, and most recently, alleviating painful itching associated with damaged skin in burn patients.

If you are one of those people who have premature visible lines, Botox injections can reduce their appearance, therefore the 20’s are not too early. But, let me add that staying safe in the sun by using sunscreen, never smoking or stopping smoking, a healthy diet, and a good skin care routine will often go a lot further in helping you fight off lines and wrinkles.

When you decide the time is right for Botox, make sure you go to a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has experience administering it. Botox works by paralyzing muscles in the forehead, and it’s important to see a doctor who has experience in order to avoid problems and complications.

So, what do you think ?