17 Nov

It’s Time for Your Flu Shot


Influenza, or the flu, comes around every year bringing sickness, and in severe cases, death. Adults over the age of 65 and young children are at high risk of getting very ill from the flu. To shutterstock_144663608prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing the harsh symptoms of the flu, it is vital that you get the flu shot. There are many factors that can make one more susceptible to the flu than others. Age, living conditions and a weak immune system are all factors that can make you more prone to the flu. It is never too late to get the flu shot, but the best time is in the fall when the weather starts changing. It can take a few weeks for the flu shot to start working, so the sooner you get the shot, the better. Please note that each year the flu shot is different, so for the best protection it is important to get the shot every year.

Along with the flu shot, there are other ways to ensure you have a healthy and flu free season. Taking care of your body with plenty of fluids, sleep and a healthy diet will boost your immune system and help fight off germs. At the first sign of sickness such as a cough, runny nose or fever, it is important that you are making sure you are washing your hands, taking the necessary medications and avoiding touching your eyes and mouth. This, along with the flu shot, will ensure you are healthy and able to enjoy the busy schedule of the holiday season.

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