IPL Photofacial in Orlando, FL

Patients seeking to improve skin texture by repairing sun damaged or aged skin may want to consider IPL™ photofacial treatment. Using intense pulsed light, IPL™ photofacial treatment can restore youthful looking skin in one treatment. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates proudly offers IPL™ photofacial treatment to those in and around the Orlando and Lake Mary area.

What is IPL™ Photofacial?

IPL™ photofacial treatment uses high intensity pulses of light to treat deeper parts of the skin, leaving the surface of the skin (the epidermis) untouched and undamaged. It is most commonly used to decrease facial redness and improve the texture of the skin. IPL™ light therapy also encourages collagen growth and production, stimulating further skin improvement after treatment.

How Can I Benefit From IPL™ Photofacial?

IPL™ light therapy can help patients with red, flushed skin or facial blood vessels. Patients with sun damaged skin or enlarged pores can also benefit from IPL™ light therapy. The treatment can be used on the face, neck and hands, and often delivers visible results after just one treatment. Some find that combining treatment with chemical peels or other forms of skin rejuvenation provides the best results. Many patients choose IPL™ phototherapy because it is a comfortable treatment to receive and doesn’t require any downtime.

Those in the Orlando and Lake Mary area and throughout Orange County considering IPL™ photofacial treatment can contact us today to schedule a consultation. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates has years of experience providing laser treatments, so you can trust us for your IPL™ light therapy treatment.

'The claims and before and after pictures above depict actual patients of Dr. Sosa and Dr. Johnston. Your results may vary.'