09 Feb

Interested in jowl liposuction?

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Question: I had jowl liposuction without the tighter results I was hoping for.  Should I try CO2 laser to correct those results? (My doctor has tried ultra sound, cortisone shots and smart skin fraxel laser at different times, without success. He has had the smart skin CO2 ablative fractional laser for only 5 months; he wants to try it for correcting the same area.)

Answer: During a jowl liposuction, excess fat is removed to re-contour the cheek towards the jawline. When your doctor removes this shutterstock_224496136excess fat, excess skin can be left behind. This can worsen your results without subsequently tightening the soft facial tissues.

This skin area can be unforgiving.  Lasers, especially the CO2 ablative fractional laser, can tighten the skin. However, the results of this treatment are often minor. The results of the laser will depend upon the deformity that you have.

Your options may include one in a range. From surgical correction & tightening to lasers or possibly fillers, there are many possible corrective options. I would first advise you to fully understand the problem at hand. Then, ascertain the risks and costs of each option. Once you have determined this information, you can go forward with a better knowledge about CO2 laser treatments and other options.  This information can help you determine if a CO2 treatment is worth trying, or another option might be more helpful.



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