05 Nov

Getting Great Results from Your Surgery


The Rolling Stones who sang, “You can’t always get what you want….”  Well, with proper planning before, during, and after your shutterstock_116932123procedure, you should get exactly what you want.


Know What You Want

Know exactly what you want, and be able to precisely communicate it to your surgeon. You and your surgeon should know exactly what your expected outcome would be. And if your surgeon tries to dissuade you, listen carefully to his or her reasons.


Allow Yourself Time to Decide

There is no impulse buying in cosmetic surgery. Yes, you may return a dress that you thought you liked, but doesn’t flatter you, but returning a nose job is a whole other matter. It’s your body and your money, so be thoughtful and careful before making your decision.


Make the Right Choice

Let’s go back to the car analogy. You find the perfect car. It feels right, drives like a dream, is in your price range, and has all the features you want. There’s just one thing: It isn’t available in the color you want. Oh well, you can live with that. The same doesn’t not apply to selecting your cosmetic surgeon. He or she should have everything you’re looking for: Skills, experience, accessibility, bedside manner, follow-up care, etc. And you should like the office staff as well. Are they happy in their work? Are they caring and professional? If you can’t find everything you’re looking for, keep looking.


Who’s Your Personal Support Team?

Who will drive you to and from the hospital? Who’s willing to run to the pharmacy for you? Who will keep the kids for the first day or two that you’re home? Who is willing to stay with you for the first 48 hours that you’re home? Have your team in place before you head for the hospital.


Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

After your surgery, you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary stress, and that includes financial stress. If money woes force you to return to work early, or if the cost of extra care or dealing with complications blows your budget, or if you decide to use a credit card with through-the-roof finance charges, perhaps you should reconsider the timing of your surgery.


Follow Your Post-Operative Care Instructions to the Letter

Do what you’re told, and you should have a smooth, uneventful recovery. Don’t be Wonder Woman or Superman! Let your surgeon’s knowledge and advice—and not your independent streak—guide your recovery.


Be Realistic When the Bandages Come Off

Cosmetic surgeons are qualified professionals, but they are not magicians. Sometimes changes are subtle and may take weeks or months to reveal themselves. Again, speak openly and honestly with your surgeon regarding your expectations, and be prepared to hear whether they can become a reality.


Improve Your Lifestyle.

Eat better. Exercise more. Use sunscreen. Stop smoking. Improving your overall health will help make your new you the best it can be. And while you’re at it, why not change your hairstyle or buy a new wardrobe to fit your new figure?


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