Facial Surgery in Orlando, FL

For those in Orlando, Lake Mary, and all throughout Orange County who have facial abnormalities due to birth defects, trauma, or aging, facial surgery may be able to help. Dr. Dean Johnston takes great pride in his work in facial surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive. The experienced staff at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates has decades of combined experience.

What is Facial Surgery?

Facial surgery covers a collection of procedures that are designed to correct or alter certain aspects of the face. Cosmetic procedures are performed to enhance the appearance of the facial structure and its features, including the nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. Cosmetic procedures can also be used to correct wrinkles. Reconstructive facial surgery is performed on patients that have birth defects or need treatment for conditions that result from trauma. Below is a list of common facial surgery procedures:

To learn more about our facial surgery procedures, contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates offers cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery procedures to those in Orlando, Lake Mary, and all throughout Orange County and the surrounding communities.