Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation

Full, defined cheekbones are a sign of youth and beauty, but over time the face loses fat, causing the cheeks to droop and become saggy. On the other hand, maybe you weren’t born with naturally high cheekbones. In either case, non-surgical cheek augmentation can lead way to fuller cheeks.

What is Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation?

Achieving the look of sculpted cheeks can be accomplished through a nonsurgical procedure. To create or Beautiful brunette womanrestore volume to the mid-face and re-create youthful contours, your doctor may suggest fillers or fat grafting.

Fillers can restore volume lost with age or help to provide definition. Dr. Johnston uses a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm, as well as collagen-stimulators Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic that can have longer lasting effects.

Fat grafting uses your own fat taken from another part of the body, such as the hips or buttocks. Fat transfer is probably the most popular option at the moment for long-term cheek fullness, but using your own fat requires an additional liposuction-like procedure to be performed.

Am I a good candidate for Cheek Augmentation in the Orlando Area?

Cosmetic surgery with fillers and fat grafting can be done from adolescence on, provided you aren’t allergic to any ingredients used in the filler.

What can I expect from Cheek Augmentation?

Fillers can bring balance and better proportion to the structural appearance of your face. They help define your face by increasing projection and creating more distinct features.

How long is the recovery from Cheek Augmentation?

The specific area to be augmented in the cheek determines where the fillers will be injected on the cheekbone. If you choose a filler, your recovery time is nil, you may experience some bruising, redness or puffiness at the injection site.

Fat grafting requires time for the liposuctioned site to heal.

Dr. Johnston will discuss with you the specifics of your procedures.

'The claims and before and after pictures above depict actual patients of Dr. Johnston. Your results may vary.'