05 Nov

Cosmetic Surgery Myths


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to plastic surgery. Some come from misinformation; others are born of desperation. Hereshutterstock_208077349 are some of the more common ones.


Cosmetic Surgery is the Key to Happiness.

No, it isn’t. Yes, many patients are happy with their improved appearance, but if you undergo plastic surgery thinking it will make you happy, I recommend that you find the source of your unhappiness before seeing a cosmetic surgeon.


Cosmetic Surgery Will Solve All Your Problems.

Yes, cosmetic surgery can help solve the problem of a tummy pouch, but cosmetic surgery will not save your marriage, help you find a date, or get you a better job. If you’re an overeater, liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise. Perhaps you’re better off seeing a therapist, first.


You Can Have Scar-Free Surgery.

To resolve problems beneath your skin, I have to cut your skin. And healing leaves scars. However, as a skilled plastic surgeon, I know where to hide the scars left by a facelift or a breast augmentation, so they are virtually undetectable. In my training, I have learned techniques to minimize scars. If you follow my directions in follow-up care, scars can be minimal.


Small Operations Can Take Care of Big Problems.

Again, the answer is no. Big changes require significant surgery, and anyone who tells you otherwise is pulling your leg. The more significant change you are seeking, the more surgery you can expect to undergo. Conversely, small procedures can result in small subtle changes that may not last as long as you’d like.


The Latest is the Greatest.

Not always. Yes, you may have learned about a new technique on your favorite talk show, but sound medicine takes time and experience before it is widely practiced. My recommendations are to do your research, both on the procedure and on surgeons who perform it. You want someone who is board-certified. And if a surgeon is the only one performing a certain operation, avoid him or her.


Celebrity Surgeons Are the Best.

Thanks to reality shows, everyone has become familiar with this plastic surgeon or that one. I’m not saying that they’re not good at surgery; they may be good at tooting their own horn. The ideal surgeon is one who is well-respected with great outcomes.


Cheaper Surgeons are Just as Qualified.

Don’t let the lowest price be the determining factor in selecting a surgeon. Bargain basement surgery can be disappointing at least, and fatal at the worst. You may be proud of never paying full price for your clothing, but don’t let your pocketbook overrule your intuition.


Silicone Isn’t Safe.

Not true. Yes, back in the 1990’s there were some problems, but that was nearly 25 years ago, and great advances have been made in breast implants. Silicone is used in many medical devices inserted into the body, and even if you choose saline implants, the shell will probably be silicone.


Local Anesthesia is Safer than General Anesthesia.

Frankly, there are some procedures I would never dream of performing unless my patient was under general anesthesia. It’s safe, and with today’s monitoring methods, there is very little likelihood of problems.


Cosmetic Surgery Lasts Forever.

Sorry, but nothing lasts forever. Even after cosmetic surgery, your face and body will continue to age, and gravity will continue to take its toll. But the good news is, once you look 10 years younger, you will always be a 10-year-younger version of yourself.


There is Plastic in Plastic Surgery.

Plastic comes from the Greek word, plastiko, which means, “to mold.” That’s why cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons. We don’t use plastic when improving your appearance.

So, what do you think ?