12 Aug

Can Radiesse® be easily manipulated more than a week after injection?


Radiesse is a combination filler made of two ingredients: A form of calcium (Hydroxylapatite) and liquid gel. Radiesse is a shutterstock_33961129volumizing filler that lifts the tissue and “fills-in” wrinkles.

Dr. Johnston can manipulate Radiesse at the time of injection. Once injected, Radiesse becomes incorporated into your tissue and becomes fixed. After just a few hours it is difficult to “mold.” If you were capable of molding your Radiesse injection in a week, it could possibly stay that way.

If you have moved your injection of Radiesse, it is important to notify Dr. Johnston as soon as possible. He may be able to inject a medicine that reduces the gel potion of the injection and achieve the results you wish.

Here are some tips to maintain your Radiesse injections:
• Do not massage or otherwise manipulate the area injected.
• Use Tylenol as needed for any soreness. Do not use aspirin or other anti-inflammatory products.
• A topical cold pack may be applied as needed.
• Avoid strenuous exercise for a day. Avoid extensive sun or heat exposure for the same time period.
• Avoid dental work for two weeks if the nasolabial or marionette regions have been injected.
• Avoid sleeping on your stomach for two weeks. Sleeping on your side is fine.
• Aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication use can be resumed at two days post injection.
• Over time, the injected area will feel softer, more and more like your own tissues.
• Contact Dr. Johnston with any concerns regarding your healing.

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