05 Jan

What Can Laser Resurfacing Offer Me?


If you struggle with wrinkles and discoloration, you might want to look into CO2 Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. This opportunity can shutterstock_151800104provide you with peace of mind and a lasting relief. Skin damage and discoloration can penetrate many layers of the skin. In order to solve this problem, Laser Resurfacing removes those damaged, outer layers of skin to unveil your younger, softer, smoother layer hiding underneath. Removing your skin layers suffering from sun damage, pigment spots, and deep wrinkles you can start fresh with a healthier layer of skin. For those who identify specific problem areas, like the skin around the mouth or eyes, as well as those with problems that affect the larger surface area of the face, this method can help you.

How does Laser Resurfacing Work?

In order to remove those unwanted layers of skin, your surgeon uses pulsing light beams and aims them at the problem areas of your skin. The pulsing of these beams helps reduce damage that might otherwise be caused by heat. Lasers offer a new technological way to help you get achieve your skin desires! A more powerful CO2 laser (for which this treatment ultimately gets its name) is then used to treat the even deeper layers and remove the more profound lines and creases in your skin. The amount of surface area treated will require different actions from your surgeon. If you are looking to treat a large surface area, a general anesthesia might be necessary. If you are focusing on smaller areas, your surgeon may rely on a local injection of anesthetic. The best way to learn about the process and your individual desires is to talk to your cosmetic surgeon and discover what method and what areas best suit you. Your surgeon can help you leave with smooth, resurfaced skin void of those irritating wrinkles or spots!

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