01 Jul

What is the best way to massage your breasts after an augmentation?


The purpose of massaging your implants is to help during the healing to maintain a natural soft breast. The body forms a scar around the implant often called a shutterstock_134640413capsule, which is a natural, desirable part of healing process. However the scar tissue or capsule can contracts which will squeeze or compress an implant, causing both a change in shape and firmness. In order to minimize the chance of this occurring Plastic Surgeons recommend breast implant or displacement exercises in those patients who have breast implants with smooth walls (not the textured implants).

The goal of massage is to move the implants, which lie behind the breast tissue, and often behind the muscle. It is possible to move the breast around over the implant, but this accomplishes nothing. So, be careful to see an implant bulge in the direction your are pushing.

I recommend initially doing massage while standing in front of a mirror so that you can really tell what is happening. First, manipulate the implant upward toward the collarbone, and see a budge there. This does not necessarily have to be forceful or painful, although initially there will be some tenderness. Gurgling noises may occur, but will stop after several days. Next, position your hand on top of the breast; flatten your fingers pressing the implant down. Look for the bulge inferiorly. This should be done softly but firm, stop after applying firm pressure. This will help to keep the pocket open and the implant positioned correctly. Repeating this to push toward the middle of your chest the breastbone and toward the outside or lateral position completes the four directions of massage. Do not push so hard it hurts or causes the pocket to enlarge outward or medial.

I usually start patients on massage after 7-10 days after surgery and continue it until the capsule is mature about 3-4 months. This should be done in the privacy of your home.

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