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Facelifts are often one of the most considered surgeries when it comes to rejuvenating and restoring the face after the effects of aging. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates is here to help you take the steps necessary to turn back time and devise a plan to help you get back the face you recognize. Dr. Dean Johnston helps patients in Lake Mary, Orlando and throughout Orange County get on a path to discover a newer and brighter you.

Generally, people have worries regarding wrinkles or sagging, and loose skin on their lower face as skin loses elasticity with age. As the results of aging take place they may wonder about their options to slow the effect of aging. A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to restore the face to a more natural, youthful appearance.

Traditionally, the performing cosmetic surgeon makes incisions located behind the hairline, around the front of the ear, or hidden in the skin’s natural folds so that they can reposition and remove excess skin. After the surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will use sutures to seal the incision.

Recovery time usually is around two weeks to a month, after which patients can return to their normal daily activities. However, recovery time is different on a patient to patient basis and you should discuss aftercare with your cosmetic surgeon to put you on the best path to recovery and achieving a more youthful, smoother face. Bruising and swelling are normal side effects following surgery and should be difficult to notice around two weeks. It’s important to ease back into routine following your procedure and to keep your face protected from the sun as vulnerability to sunburn usually increases and it will help the healing of scars left from the procedure.

Nothing can stop the effects of aging, but having a facelift can help you look years younger after surgery. It’s important to maintain a healthy, stable weight to reduce stretching of the skin, and to adopt a good skin care regimen to protect your face from unnecessary aging after your surgery.

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To learn more about how Dr. Dean Johnston can help you erase wrinkles and restore your face, contact us. Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates is located in Lake Mary, FL, but serves residents throughout Orlando and Orange County.

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