10 Apr

5 Ways Regimens Affect Skin


At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates, we offer patients a few different skin treatment options. shutterstock_73560688Patients may also choose to use certain products for their skin treatment. Knowing the ways products affect skin can help patients choose options for their skin. Every product and treatment affect the skin differently and offer different results. However, typically, most regimens or products affect skin in the following ways:
1. Cleanse
Cleansing products can remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin from the surface of the skin. When these are not removed from the skin they can fill pores and cause the appearance of acne. Cleaning out the pores can improve skin health and can improve overall skin texture.
2. Tone
Toners affect skin PH levels. Skin treatments and products that tone skin alter skin surface acidity for skin results. Your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can determine if Ph treatments or products can give you the skin you desire.
3. Moisturize
Moisturizers, lotions, and hydrating treatments may affect dry skin. Patients can choose skin care products for dry skin texture and appearance. The sun, humidity, and weather conditions can create a dry complexion. To avoid irritation from dryness, moisturizing can help.
4. Exfoliate
Most cosmetic procedures work to exfoliate the skin. Peels, laser treatments, and ablative options are very extensive forms of exfoliation. Top skin layers peel away and reveal skin beneath the surface. Lighter forms of exfoliation are also available in scrubs and other products.
5. Protect
Finally, skin regimens can protect the skin. Certain products may include SPF or sun protection to prevent burning, spots, and other related damage. Protective options may also perform the previously listed actions. SPF may be found in certain moisturizers and other options.

In coordination, skin treatments and products cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, and protect the skin. Skin regimens, when repeated used, may offer these distinct benefits. For more information about cosmetic skin treatments in Lake Mary, visit Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates Med-Spa section on the website.

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