27 Jul

5 Things You Must Do Before Breakfast


The earlier you start your day, the more opportunity you have to map out your day, avoid rush-ins and relax before work starts. Here are 5 activities you could follow each morning in to shutterstock_215065165 (1)enhance your productivity and add to your everyday energy levels.

The most important aspect of our lives, required for every task you achieve, is time. Whether you have to run to your desk job, manage your small business or help the kids through their day, time is of essence.

Rise early

Just one extra hour in the morning can make the rest of your day fruitful. All your morning chores can be complete, you will be relaxed and get to work in the correct state of mind. It may not be easy to inculcate the habit of waking early, but within a week, you will find yourself getting into a comfortable sleep pattern of waking up early.

An exercise regimen

Working out for a half-hour in the morning, can result in an increase of over 2 hours of productivity in your work day. Your enhanced energy and productivity will keep you going throughout your eight hours at work.

Setting and reviewing personal goals

Take out 10 minutes to think of goals for the day. This will ensure that even as the day’s work begins, your goals remain in the forefront. Write down things completed and it will certainly encourage you at the end of the day to review your small accomplishments.

To – don’t list

All of us are trying to quit some bad habit. It could be something very grave, like smoking, or something not nearly as important, such as learning to delegate. Go through it with your goals each morning.


Meditation is not merely sitting crossed leg and chanting a mantra. Just taking out 10 minutes for yourself in the morning when you concentrate on breathing, focusing and relaxing will help. http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-things-you-must-do-before-breakfast/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-things-you-must-do-before-breakfast/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-things-you-must-do-before-breakfast/Do positive visualization exercises, relaxation or take some prayer time. Think about what all you can do through the day, how to give it your best and what it means to your career, family, business and overall life.

Once you have achieved these 5 things, move onto a healthy and nutritious breakfast!


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