20 Mar

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Micro Rolling


Patients can experience a clearer complexion with Environ ® Micro Rolling. The rollers, equipped with small micro needles, create small punctures in the skin. Collagen, shutterstock_192357971encouraged by these punctures, can heal and restore damaged skin! At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates we can help you learn more about Micro Rolling. Here are 5 things you may not have known:
1. Micro Rolling Works With Skincare Products

After using a micro roller, the skincare products may be more effective. Products may be more easily absorbed into the skin.

2. You Can Micro Roll at Home

Dermatologists are not the only ones who can roll. Anyone can micro roll their skin to improve acne scars, stretch marks, or for a younger looking complexion.

3. Different Rollers Do Different Things

There are actually 4 different models of Micro Rollers. Each type is effective for different areas. For example, the Gold Roll-CIT®, unlike other options uses 316 stainless steel micro needles for bacteria prevention. The Environ Cosmetic Focus-CIT is especially created for finer areas including the sides of the nose, the upper lip, and near the lower eyelid.

4. Rollers Can Be Cleaned

Usually, rollers are used in coordination with facial cleansers. Nevertheless, Environ created cleaning solutions for rollers to avoid any bacteria build up. Like a mascara brush, a roller should not be shared.

5. There is a Rolling Technique

Because needles are set at a uniform height, a roller will not tear the skin when used correctly. To apply the proper technique you should roll horizontally, vertically, and then diagonally two to five times for skin results.

For more about Micro Rolling and other skin options, be sure to join us April 1st for our Environ Lunch and Learn. RSVP by calling 407-333-2525 to secure your spot!

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