25 Mar

5 Steps to Maintain Your Weight


LeanBiotics™, a micro bacteria diet and exercise program, can cleanse your body from unwanted bacteria. The result: a healthier Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FLdigestive system for ideal weight maintenance. At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates, we offer the LeanBiotics option for interested patients. What steps does the LeanBiotics program include? Learn how you can maintain your weight:

Cleanse Your System

The first step of the LeanBiotics regimen is cleansing the body from bad bacteria. Taking the LeanBiotics Cleanse supplement works to eliminate undesirable bacteria levels. Your digestive system clears for new, better bacteria.

Prep your Stomach

Once you empty your digestion of bad bacteria, LeanBiotics Prebiotic supplement nourishes your microbiome, or bacteria system, in the stomach. The supplement prepares your system with the right nutrients; nutrients can allow good bacteria to thrive.

Fuel Your Food

Once your system is cleaned and prepped, it’s time to introduce the good bacteria. LeanBiotics Probiotic increases good bacteria count and encourages digestive health. The supplement, along with specific food choices, can fuel your digestive system to a more balanced state.

Drink to Your Diet

The fourth step is to drink to your diet. As a meal replacement option, LeanBiotics LeanMeal RS™ can also improve digestive balance. The drink is limited in “bad” bacteria and helps nourish the good bacteria to higher levels.

Exercise and Experience

The final step is to begin daily exercising. Patients who incorporate exercise into their diet regimen can experience a more ideal weight and digestive health. An active body promotes an active digestive system.

These steps, in combination, can create a healthier digestive system. After cleansing, prepping, fueling, drinking, and exercising with the LeanBiotics regimen, patients can experience more weight maintenance success.

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