20 Apr

5 Facts: Breast Augmentation


An estimated 286,694 women chose breast augmentation in 2014. (According to a study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS).  At Orlando Plastic Surgery shutterstock_141859039Associates, breast augmentations are one of many procedures we offer. For more augmentation information, check out these facts:

Augmentation Preparation

Women should stop smoking, taking aspirin, or anti-inflammatory 6 weeks before a procedure. Why? They can exacerbate bleeding, complications, and surgical risks. time now . Preparing is priority in breast augmentation.

Augmentation Purpose

In Florida, women choose augmentation for these reasons. They desire an hourglass figure, a better fitting wardrobe, or to body alignment. Women also choose augmentations in combination with breast lifts, revisions, and mommy makeovers.

Augmentation Placement

Where are implants placed? Breast implants are placed in two places. At Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates, implants are placed beneath the pectoral muscle, or on top of the muscle. (The difference is placement beneath the muscle is less problematic with mammograms and breast feeding).

Augmentation Methods

Although implants are associated with augmentation. Breast Augmentations can also be performed in another way: Autologous Fat Transfer. Fat tissue from the stomach, hip, or thigh can be transferred to the chest. Although this is less common than implants, some women prefer this method.

Augmentation Recovery

According to the ASPS, recovery time for those augmentations ran between two to six weeks. (A large variance). http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-facts-breast-augmentation/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-facts-breast-augmentation/The procedure can be performed with different surgical techniques and provide results depending on surgeon’s preferences.

For more information about augmentation procedures in Florida, Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates can be your resource. Check our website for FAQ’s, procedure information, and about our experienced staff members.

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