20 Apr

5 Considerations before Scheduling Your Med-Spa or Skin Care Appointment


Patients can choose between many Med-Spa and Skin Care procedures at Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates. Before Florida patients schedule an appointment, these considerations can shutterstock_143003131improve the cosmetic experience:

Number of Appointments

Before opting for Med-Spa, or Skin Care procedures, patients can ask surgeons about the number of expected appointments. Depending on how they work with the skin, different procedures require one, two, or three treatments. (While some fillers gradually eliminate wrinkles, others offer more immediate results). The number of sessions, or immediacy of results can be important!


Sessions may be scheduled within days or weeks. Advice includes setting time between an appointment and important events. http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-considerations-before-scheduling-your-med-spa-or-skin-care-appointment/ http://www.orlandoplasticsurgeryassociates.com/5-considerations-before-scheduling-your-med-spa-or-skin-care-appointment/(A treatment that takes three bi-weekly sessions will require a higher level of pre-planning). Patients who have interviews, or face-to-face meetings may desire full recovery from a med-spa procedure.

Pain Tolerance

What is your pain tolerance? Some facial fillers contain a pain numbing ingredient known as lidocaine. Certain peels or lasers may also cause more discomfort than others. Your pain limits are a good thing to consider when looking at your cosmetic options.

Layering Procedures

Patients who have previous filler, peel, or other skin treatments should inform their surgeon. Some procedures do not mix as well as with others. Before opting for an additional treatment, your Orlando surgeon can help you avoid potentially unhelpful combinations.

Treatment Areas

Finally, identifying specific problem areas for treatment can improve results. When considering your med-spa treatment, identifying an area of primary concern before your consultation will help your surgeon identify the best option.

In Orlando, we will work with patients to inform them about different procedures, decisions, and options. Those interested in learning more about our practice, staff, or a consultation can visit the office or call ahead at 321-247-7647.

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