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27 Feb

Puckering up with Restylane® Silk

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Pouting, pursing, and smirking – many women love their lips. However, some desire their lips to be a little different. Many Women, ages 22 and up, choose cosmetic options; specifically, women go to their surgeon’s office for a Restylane® Silk injection. Restylane® Silk is one product produced by the Restylane family for cosmetic treatments. Restylane


23 Feb

I peeled off my scabs the sixth day after my CO2 laser treatment. Now, I am worried about marks!

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Question: I peeled off my scabs the sixth day after my CO2 laser treatment. Now, I am worried about marks. Should I be worried?  (Now  the skin looks red underneath, and I am very worried all my 6 days of effort will go waste.) Answer: Peeling off your scabs is generally not recommended. But, you are


16 Feb

Top 9: Questions to Ask Yourself


Undergoing plastic surgery is a big deal. You will be making changes to your body that you will live with for the rest of your life. So, before you consult a surgeon, ask yourself these questions. What About My Appearance Bothers me? Make a list. Saggy breasts. Love handles. Your nose. Those forehead wrinkles. Be


09 Feb

Interested in jowl liposuction?

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Question: I had jowl liposuction without the tighter results I was hoping for.  Should I try CO2 laser to correct those results? (My doctor has tried ultra sound, cortisone shots and smart skin fraxel laser at different times, without success. He has had the smart skin CO2 ablative fractional laser for only 5 months; he wants to


02 Feb

Interested Patients Want to Know: “Would a CO2 laser treatment work on a 3-year-old acne scar?”

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Currently, the CO2 laser is considered the gold standard for scar improvement.  While complete scar erasure is not possible, it does a very good job of improving scar appearance.  So ultimately — yes, a C02 laser would improve the look of your acne scar. Also, the age of your scar should have no weight in