09 Nov

Top 5 Ways to Treat Your Dry Itchy Skin


The cool and crisp air during the upcoming and present months can leave your skin feeling dry, cracked and irritated. Even though the air is becoming cold and harsh, that doesn’t mean Johnston_Blog_DryItchySkinPostyour skin has to change along with it. Since our daily lives change with the seasons as an attempt to block out the cold, our skincare routine should follow. Here are 5 factors that can cause irritated skin during the cold months and tips to prevent it.

  1. Dehydration

Waking up to cold and icy mornings doesn’t usually come with a craving for a nice glass of cold water. We automatically grab a warm coffee or cup of hot chocolate. We start to replace refreshing glasses of water with warm cups of coffee and this can cause us to become very dehydrated. To keep our skin feeling moisturized and refreshed, we need to remember to keep drinking water. Before every cup of coffee, try squeezing in a glass of water. Coffee contains caffeine, which is very dehydrating in itself. You can also try drinking an herbal tea with zero caffeine as a replacement for a couple cups of coffee if you tend to drink it throughout the day. By adding a few glasses of water and replacing a cup of coffee with a non-caffeinated beverage, your body will retain moisture and keep your skin more hydrated.

  1. Hot showers

There is nothing better than jumping into a nice hot shower or bath after a long day to relax and warm up. Doing so, however, can really dry out the skin. Instead of very hot water, shower with warm water instead. This is less harsh on the skin and will be way less drying. The products we use in the bath or shower can also be a huge factor in drying out our skin. Using products with almond or lavender are very gentle and soothing on dry or cracked skin. They are sure to leave your feeling refreshed and hydrated.

  1. Heating your humble abode

As we turn up the heat in our homes, the moisture in the air is sucked out. With less moisture in the air, we naturally lose the moisture in our skin. Adding a humidifier to your home is a great way to add moisture back into the air. You can also keep your heater on a lower setting during the day if you aren’t home in addition to a humidifier. This will keep your skin hydrated, as well as keep the air you are breathing in moist, so you are not battling a dry nose or throat that can prove to be painful.

  1. The right moisturizer

If we noticed cracked skin or lips, it is important that we try and treat it right away. Try avoiding moisturizers that are full of perfume and other ingredients that aren’t targeted towards putting moisture into the skin. Use a heavy moisturizer that lasts on the skin, helping you feel hydrated longer. Applying a moisturizer immediately after a shower or bath when your skin is damp is a good way to lock in that moisture right away to keep your skin less irritated longer. Keeping a small hand cream in your purse is a good way to refresh your skin throughout the day when you feel it becoming dry.

  1. Sunny days

Though we may think the sun can do no damage when it’s below 30 degrees outside, the truth is that it is still damaging. It’s important to apply a moisturizer with sunscreen or just a sunscreen on its own to block out the sun’s UV rays. No matter what the temperature, protect your skin and block the sun with even a scarf across the face or hooded jacket. The sun is very damaging, especially to your lips, so you want to protect yourself as much as you can. To avoid damage from the sun, make sure to include products for you skin and lips that contain an SPF. You can never be too safe when it comes to the sun’s rays.

By making little changes and taking precautions, there is no reason you can’t have glowing and radiant summer skin all through the winter. The winter months are an exciting time with the holidays and bringing in the new year. Your skin should reflect the bright and spirited season and with these tips, it can.

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