05 Aug

What are some key differences between male and female skin?


There are many key differences between male and female skin.  Men’s skin is ruled by testosterone and, as a result, has a 25% shutterstock_138833831increase in skin thickness over women. It is this increase in higher collagen density that allows men to age more gracefully.

On the other hand, a woman’s skin is ruled by estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for keeping the skin soft, resilient and healthy.  Therefore, a woman’s skin is more likely to change color and texture with age because it is more sensitive to sun damage, especially after menopause and the fall-off of estrogen production. Prior to menopause, a women’s skin thickness remains fairly constant.  After menopause the amount of collagen in the skin decreases to a greater extent in women that in men. This is the main reason women appear older than men of the same age.

A man’s skin is tougher, but also fragile due to daily shaving, which destroys the hydrolipidic film, leading to loss of natural lubrication and protection.

Men and women’s skin have some key differences, it is these differences that require the use of unique skin care products and skin care treatments.  It may not be prudent for men to use women’s skin care products or vice versa. However, both men and women can reap the benefits of cosmetic surgery to keep skin looking younger, longer.

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