02 Feb

Interested Patients Want to Know: “Would a CO2 laser treatment work on a 3-year-old acne scar?”

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Currently, the CO2 laser is considered the gold standard for scar improvement.  While complete scar erasure is not possible, it does a very good job of improving scar appearance.  Soshutterstock_146603282 ultimately — yes, a C02 laser would improve the look of your acne scar. Also, the age of your scar should have no weight in your outcome.

To take the first step in your scar removal, you should become familiar with the facts and figures of a realistic result.  A thorough education can guide you towards a realistic outlook.  One important note: not all CO2 lasers or operators are the same.  It is important that you look for things like Board Certification in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology, and an experienced operator or physician.  Be sure to get a few consultations. Meet your physician and become educated. That way your CO2 laser treatment fits your needs. Once you have selected a certified practitioner with access to a suitable style laser, you should be on your way to a clearer complexion.

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