15 Jul

Why is it so important to stop smoking before having plastic surgery?


Smoking is bad for your health, but when considering surgery; the effects of smoking are even acuter and dangerous.Beautiful woman at the spa

Smoking affects how you may react to general anesthesia, and can lead to respiratory complications such as pneumonia. Furthermore, you may be more susceptible to coughing, which stresses your incision, which delays healing.

Smoking is the number one cause of healing complications. How? Nicotine—in any form, including patches and gum—decreases blood flow to the skin and areas following an operation, which can lead to skin death and poor scarring. This is particularly true in cosmetic surgery procedures where the skin is lifted and moved; such as in breast lifts, facelifts and tummy tucks. travel tool . Smoking can delay healing, cause incisions to heal improperly, and even cause skin to die.

Of course, you should quit smoking permanently. But if you don’t, plan to stop smoking at least one month before your surgery. Giving up nicotine can help avoid respiratory complications and help minimize scabs, unsightly scars and skin death.


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